Reserve a Sizing Kit

Here at Locker Room Sports Apparel LLC. we understand the fit of your uniforms is of the utmost importance from the over design to the performance of the uniform as well. For these reasons we offer a uniform sizing kit to ensure each player is ordering the sizes needed to achieve maximum performance in our uniforms. You can reserve a sizing kit in either our football or baseball uniforms with a $150 refundable security deposit. In the sizing kit you will receive a pair of pants and jersey in each size needed to fit your team. The sizing kits come with the following stipulations.

  • $150 refundable security deposit
  • $50 shipping (non refundable)
  • 1 week of use (7 days) from the day you receive the kit to size your players.  The kit must be mailed back to Locker Room Sports Apparel LLC. the day after the 7th day of use. You will be provided with a return label in the fit kit to mail it back to Locker Room Sports Apparel LLC. For every day the kit is out past the 7th business day $10 will be deducted from the security deposit.  (For example you receive the kit on a Monday, the kit must be dropped off back at UPS by the next Monday. Beginning Tuesday $10 will be deducted from the security deposit)

  • If any items come back ripped, torn, or damaged beyond use $30 per item will be deducted from your deposit. 
  • You can apply the $150 towards your order total.
  • You can reserve a sizing kit by emailing to setup a date for your fitting.  
  • You can pay with your debit/cc by phone or via PayPal, the total charge will be $200.